Foot, Heel, Arch Support Products, and Orthotics.

Heel cushions, insoles for the feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spur relief, and arch supports.

Viscospot by Bauerfeind
ViscoSpot by Bauerfeind
ViscoSpot is a viscoelastic heel pad with anatomically contoured soft cushioning. The softer material (blue spot) incorporated in the "calcaneal spur" area provides targeted relief at this point.
  Wonder Spur Blue Dot Heel Cushions by Silipos
WonderSpur Blue Dot Heel Cushions by Silipos
WonderSpur Blue dot aids Calcaneal Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, and Heal Spurs. Cushions absorb the foot shock forces that can aggravate pain and discomfort with every step.

Spenco® Heel Supports.
SPENCO® Heel Supports
Especially designed to comfort, support and absorb shock in the heel and arch areas. Distributes pressure and helps position the foot correctly to relieve heel pain. Available in full length for heel-to-toe comfort.
  Spenco Cross Trainer Insoles.
Cross Trainer Insoles by SPENCO®
For aerobics, court sports, running, weight training, racquet sports and walking. Special cushioning in both the heel strike zone and the forefoot area for outstanding performance. Helps turn any athletic shoe into a cross training shoe.

Spenco Walking and Running Insoles.
Walker/Runner Insoles by SPENCO®
For walking, running and jogging. Special “heel strike” cushioning delivers optimum shock absorption for repetitive rear foot impact. Seven sizes fit youth, men’s 6-15, women’s 3-10.
  Heel and Arch Supports by Tulis.
DiamondBacks Heel and Arch Supports by Tulis
Diamondbacks were designed to be the best fitting, most comfortable, heel and arch support on the market today. They have a combined soft gel heel with a supportive foam arch.

Road Runner Insoles by Tulis.
Road Runners™ by Tulis
The built-in arch stabilizer provides support for greater stability. In addition Tuli's Stay Fresh Fabric is made with bacteria and fungus inhibitors which reduce unwanted odors. Excellent insole for shins splints, and painful heel conditions.
ViscoPed® Insoles by Bauerfeind
ViscoPed is a full-length viscoelastic insole incorporating areas of softer density in the heel and metatarsal region. Raised metatarsal pad aids in desired realignment of metatarsal heads. The special elevated pad realigns the metatarsal area.

Achilles Tendonitis Wrap by Aircast.
Achilles Tendonits Wrap by Aircast AirHeel™
The Aircast pneumatic Achilles Wrap is intended for Achilles tendonitis. The wrap applies safe, intermittent compression to minimize swelling and promote circulation. This massaging compression allows for and early return to function with comfort and mobility.
  The shock absorption of Tuli's® patented "waffle" design heel cups with the comfort and support of a lightweight neoprene ankle support.
Cheetahs by Tulis - Heel and Ankle Support
Combine the shock absorption of Tuli's® patented "waffle" design heel cups with the comfort and support of lightweight neoprene ankle support and you get unsurpassed support with amazing "barefoot" feeling and comfort. Available in fitted sizes or universal version.

Provides comfortable immobilization and alignment of the hallux (big toe).
Hallux Valgus (Big Toe) Splint
A bunion splint designed to provide comfortable immobilization and alignment of the hallux (big toe). It is constructed of " soft foam laminated to flannel lining with movable stay and contact closure. Indicated for post-operative alignment following hallux valgus surgery.

  RX Series Orthotic Foot Care by Spenco®.  

RX Series Orthotic Foot Care Products by SPENCO®

Whether you need extra arch support to help treat Plantar Fasciitis or just some extra cushioning to help relieve a Heel Spur, Spenco® has the highest quality products to help keep you comfortable and on your feet.

RX Series Products include:

  • ThinSole Orthotics Insoles

  • Heel Supports

  • Arch Cushions

  • Orthotic Arch Supports

  • Metatarsal Arch Cushions

  Gel Series Products by Spenco. Includes arch supports, heel cushions, metatarsal pads.  

Gel Series Products by SPENCO®

Spenco® Gel insoles provide maximum cushioning to provide outstanding everyday casual comfort. Specially designed to absorb maximum shock, the Spenco® line of gel products are guaranteed to energize your feet for all day comfort that lasts.